1. alistairgd

    Just got a cheque from BMW £1800!

    Before I changed to Mercedes 2 years ago, I had a BMW on their 4 year finance deal. I gave them the car back and took the settlement as a down payment on the Mercedes deal. Today out of the blue I get a letter from BMW Financial Services saying that because their "annual" statements actually...
  2. The _Don

    Google chromecast £18.00

  3. kikkthecat

    Another £1800 Coupe

    I actually thought my purchase was a very lucky one off. But here's another I know it's up on miles but so is mine and before you all start picking it apart bear in mind the price. Valuing these cars seems like a bit of a lottery.
  4. scruffy

    £1800 bill 8 days out of warranty

    have an occasional noisy tapping from behind the dash on my 209, dropped in the dealers for a quick check and apparantly a small plastic flap in the heater has broken. surprise surprise you can't fix it and have to replace the full heater box that's over £1000 for the part and a days labour £800...
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