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    Buying options - Best way to avoid depreciation over 2/3 years

    Hi All I had purchased a W211 E220 approved used less then a year ago, spent money to ensure it was maintained perfectly (changed ATF etc), unfortunately its now been written off due to a non fault accident, really liked the car, the whole experience has put me off buying another nice car :(...
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    Will a baby seat and child seat fit in the 2/3 part seat in an E class ?

    Hello Before I take both seats / base units out of the car and phaff around trying I wonder if anyone has done this already. I basically want to put the two seats in the 2/3 of the back seat so I can drop the 1/3 of the seat to pick some long items up (but still be able to take the...
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    (My) Problem 2/3 : Oil pressure

    Hello again to everybody, I have an oil pressure problem on my 1991 w124 300d. The display of the oil pressure rise up 7-8 second after the engine start. The sound of the engine also changes after full oil pressure is observed. I was given the ideas of : *changing the oil pump : Had it...
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