1. Red C220

    2003 SAAB 9-3 Saloon 2.0T Petrol Auto For Sale

    I bought this car for my parents about 18 months ago from a dealer for £2,500. At the time it was a one owner car that had been traded in. It was very honest, had for matching Continental tyres and around 80,000 miles on it. My father has been battling cancer for 17 years and it's finally...
  2. BaldGuy

    2003 Saab 93 SE 2.0T Convertible

    2003 Saab 93 SE Convertible.... it's had one family owner Mum and daughter.... 44k miles, full history, Champagne colour with cream leather, New front tyres, new front pads and discs, fresh MOT, taxed, wind deflector, only used locally within the village...very presentable cheap convertible for...
  3. pammy

    Saab 95 2.0t - and apologies..

    Have got one of those for my hire car tomorrow. Looks a nice enough motor - just went to start it up - couldn't find where the key went :D it's in the middle near the handbrake :crazy: Apologies to the tw*t in the green van who tried to buzz me today - just coz I got you first - put brain...
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