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    Selling Exhaust Front pipe R107 280 SL/SLC New

    Selling: Front pipe for exhaust system MERCEDES BENZ R107 AND C107 280SL and 280SLC RHD (Right Hand Drive) Original part, "new from old stock" Very heavy original quality, labelled with original MB labels. Does not fit other models. For motorcars without catalytic convertor / catalyst...
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    m110 engine 280slc

    idle speed and how to set
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    Breaking '81 280SLC (W107) 6cyl Petrol

    Hi All I'm breaking a 1981 W107 280SLC Good straight six engine and autobox. Fired up straight away, well almost, after car has been stood since May 1998. Drives lovely, but the floor has some rust - structural rust, and the cost of repairing it is beyond my means. Everything's...
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