1. E

    Option 525 v 527

    The 525 is the audio 50 with CD ROM nav, so what extra does the Command (527) do. I'm more interseted in satnav capabilities than DVD's. Looking at cars circa 2005
  2. Q

    bmw 525 d tuning

    can any1 help me i need a modified map for a e39 525 d 2001 i ahve juust broght the hardware and software but ididnt get the map for my car thanx
  3. JOM

    JL Audio 5.25 XR Component Set Speakers

    £125 Slight damage to one speaker - see photos 5.25-inch (130mm) 2-Way Component System When you set out to build the very best, you work with only the best. That's why XR component woofers are built with suspensions and cones from the world's best manufacturer of such parts: Dr...
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