1. WG M-B

    W202 ignition module pt 018 545 1132

    As above Looking for one of these in good working order Terry
  2. Benz270cdi

    A 000 545 05 27 turbo solenoid valve

    Hi does anyone know the price of the turbo solenoid valve A 000 545 05 27 on a w209 270 cdi please I get an intermittent mil light and have read the code to double check it was this part at fault I cleared the code and then disconnected the electrical connection then read the code again and it...
  3. bmthnick1981

    W126 560 SEC - Kick down / fuel relay - 002 545 33 05

    Mine looks like this; So I need a new one! Here is the part number - I am struggling to find one does anyone know if any other part number would be ok? Thanks
  4. E270 Owner

    How To: Repair glow plug relay module A 028 545 4032

    Hi A very common part fitted to most CDI engines that goes wrong frequently. Please note this is a temporary fix until you can get a replacement part. Condition: Glow plug light illuminated permanently after glow plug replacement. Repair: Replace defective glow plugs, determined by MB Star...
  5. R

    560 8 pin ignition module / EZL - 006 545 5432

    As the title states. Looking for a late model w126 ('88 - '91) 560 ignition module / EZL / control box. Part number 006 545 5432. Its the one with 8 pins per socket and runs knock sensors. Need a tested used unit. Thanks
  6. ACID

    W124 E320 ECU Wanted 013 545 1532

    Hi Guys looking for a ecu as above for my w124 cab Thanks Acid
  7. BTB 500

    Fancy a 545 bhp Nissan Juke?

    0-62 in 3.7 secs thanks to the latest GT-R drivetrain, and Nissan are putting it into (limited!) production :eek: Nissan Juke-R: now available to order - BBC Top Gear
  8. Mercedes cozy

    Mercedes C200 PMS UNIT ECU 018 545 11 32 for sale

    Very Rare, hard to come by Mercedes part number 018 545 11 32 If your car is mis-firing on two cylinders, this is the most likely cause. PM me for details. UNit has been tested, can be seen working.
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