1. spongebob

    Parrot 6100 bluetooth kit any good??

    I have been looking at bluetooth kits for my W208 320 sport fitted with a Sony 10 stack and head unit, and have been told by my local car audio guy that the Parrot 6100 kit with audio streaming is very good and will allow me to stream music from my phone thr'u the cars formidible 8 speaker...
  2. C

    Anyone got a 6100 phone cradle for sale

    I am after a mercedes cradle to fit a nokia 6100 for the centre armrest anyone got one for sale ?
  3. Maff

    Retrofit Nokia 6310i to 6100 in arm rest

    Hi, My car has currently got the Nokia 6310 cradle in the arm rest, however MB also do a cradle for the Nokia 6100 (and a couple of others now). I got the new cradle, but it whilst it fits the phone, it doesn't fit the car. The new cradle has a (UHI?) connector on it which I assume slots...
  4. fgaffney

    Nokia 6100... sim free & unlocked

    I've just upgraded to a 6230 and have a 12 month old 6100 for sale if anyone's interested?? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6325516934 PM me with a sensible offer... I have a figure in my head :) Cheers Edit - item now sold
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