1. cellarmerc

    W211´05 E320 CDI inline 6cyl - glow plug light relay question

    Hi, I just recently had the batteries, the small SBC one and the main battery replaced ..... now the glow plug light is staying on for about 40 sec when I first start the engine in the morning. It is not always coming on, when the car has been driven and restarted later after a drive it doesnt...
  2. S

    Brabus power chip for Mercedes Benz 6cyl diesel 7G

    Hi everyone , I have just purchaced this chip of ebay and was wondering if anyone has some instructions that they would kindly email me so I can fit it , I have fitted a few of these similar types to cars in the past , but would like to see the fitting instructions :) Thank you Ste .
  3. davidbilyk

    ****URGENT**** W124 6cyl Fuel Pump

    Evening Guys, Went to start my E280 as it's been stood a while, fresh battery, 25 litres of fuel, turned the key and it just cranks and cranks! Got under the car and tapped the fuel pump's (there is 2 under there with the filter) and she fired :bannana: and then died :wallbash: The fuel...
  4. O

    1999,3226cc,6cyl cdi auto

    hi,i purchased a 1999 e320 cdi auto 9 months ago. it had a very minor oil leak (never had to top up in 9 months). decided to have it fixed and local garage carried out the work(front crankshaft oil seal) however,it was found that the crankshaft was worn at the crankshaft pulley.i paid £2,500 for...
  5. W210 Fan

    turbo technics kit for older 6cyl engines

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-w124-turbo-kit-for-M103-6-cyl-w124-w126-w107_W0QQitemZ270108411885QQihZ017QQcategoryZ10398QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem im sure somebody was looking at buying one of these on here the other day and they were quoted 3 odd k dammit, if only I had brought that 124 3l...
  6. S

    4 or 6cyl

    Daft question but, is a 220 Te (circa 1993) a 4 cyl or a 6cyl engine? :confused: thanks Steve
  7. M

    Breaking '81 280SLC (W107) 6cyl Petrol

    Hi All I'm breaking a 1981 W107 280SLC Good straight six engine and autobox. Fired up straight away, well almost, after car has been stood since May 1998. Drives lovely, but the floor has some rust - structural rust, and the cost of repairing it is beyond my means. Everything's...
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