1. T

    Wanted S211 face-lift, high spec, under 80k miles.

    Looking for a car with Heated Seats, Parking Sensors, COMAND and Airmatic, please. These are all must-haves for me.

    W221 S500 SWB Black >08 80k miles

    Looking for a W221 S500 with full dealer service history, black standard wheel base, black with black interior preferred.
  3. S

    2008 W211 80k, just had B service, next service D?

    Hi All I purchased a approved used W211 with 80k on the clock, within the month it needed a B service which they covered for free as it was soon after purchase, however on the dash it looks like the next service is going to be a "D" service, I was expecting it to alternate between A and B...
  4. D

    w124 e280 80k miles 6 door 8 seater factory model ultra rear limo

  5. 300CE

    Mercedes E Class E280 W124 1994 Sportline 80k miles Mot and Tax

    Mercedes E Class E280 W124 1994 Sportline 80k miles Mot and Tax | eBay
  6. W

    For sale: 2006 Honda Civic 2.2 cdti, ~80k, FSH, £5k

    For sale: 2006 Honda Civic 2.2 cdti, ~80k, FSH, £5k Further details and photos to follow this evening. This is the only photo I have so far :)
  7. Gemdo

    80k on the clock

    Gutted! So, what do you do? Drive the last 7 miles and de-value your beloved motor? Or leave it and get an extra £100 on the asking price?! I've had 20k of lovely mile after mile though I just don't want it to hit 80k!
  8. R

    For my cars 80k mile birthday...

    I detailed it using basically most of the Autoglym range. Hope you enjoy as it took about 8 hours! [
  9. A

    E63 old shape £40K new Shape 80K

    It does seem a huge amount to pay for a new shape. Both second hand but surely for the price of the new shape 1500 mile E63 a buyer would want a brand new car... Old shape (6ooomiles) £39,850 mercedes benz of newcastle : E63 AMG. ONLY 6400 MILES. New Shape (15oomiles) £78,990...
  10. M

    '95 W124 E300 Multivalve diesel estate, 80k, FSH, £900?

  11. I

    R129 SL500 1996 80K Service

    It needs to be done, want to use an indie :) Best price? I Live in dorset - can travel to Portsmouth area :P Start bidding please...
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