1. U

    Please Need help with this CLK 112 910 2.4L

    CODE:P20D4 CODE:P2050 CODE:P2052 CODE:P2054 Here is Photo any advice and help Thank You
  2. A

    Looking to buy a C180 Auto thats 9-10 years old, any advice?

    Hi, I cuirently drive an auto 2011 Honda Civic Type S (leased) and am thinking of buying a Merc C180 auto I have £3,000ish to spend and have seen this 2004 C180 on autotrader: Mercedes-Benz C Class C180K SE 3dr Auto Sport Coupe 1.8 It does have 82,000 on the clock though, how reliable are...
  3. azaman

    TomTom 910

    As I have Comand now no need for the TomTom. I have a TomTom 910 with a 20Gb HDD for sale. The unit is in good condition apart from the front removable bezel that has a small crack in it. This can be replaced easily and is available in a choice of colours. Comes with box, mains charger, usb...
  4. A

    tomtom 910 & US zip codes

    I got a tomtom 910 for xmass, bloody useless thing it is. Anyway off to the US again this year, and I was wondering can I install US Zip codes (or just Floridian ones) and if yes any idea where from and how?
  5. BTB 500

    New software for Tom Tom 910

    Picked up new software version 6.522 when I connected today. Did a quick Google search but couldn't find any info. on what's new in this release, however powering up after the upgrade I got the 'flashing new GPS firmware' message ...
  6. BTB 500

    Tom Tom 910 satnav - comments & thoughts

    Bought one of these recently (just over £400 from Curry's online with a discount voucher, ended up with free delivery too) so I thought I'd share a few random thoughts! Basically, it's great. We navigated door-to-door from Surrey to South Germany and back without opening a road atlas once (we...
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