1. John

    Airbus A380 not selling.

    I can't believe there would be a massive market for these kind of planes anyway would there? Airbus Raises Questions Over A380, Cuts A330 Production | Commercial Aviation content from Aviation Week
  2. marcos

    A380 Cockpit

    I found this and thought it was pretty cool:cool: It's different anyway. http://www.gillesvidal.com/blogpano/cockpit1.htm
  3. Alfie

    Saw an A380 and the Red Arrows today!

    Peacfully sitting at home working (sort of) and what comes whistling over the house at an incredible rate of knots but the Red Arrows in formation banking hard to the left! Okay, I thought, quite impressive. Shortly afterwards the skies go dark and this behemouth comes quietly over. I look...
  4. wallingd

    A380 test-flight

    Anyone know when this is? I assume it'll be a public event. So much for 29 March cuz I heard nothing. Unless it is being kept secretive for obvious-ish reasons.
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