1. M

    Van Aaken smart box (tuning box) for W210 E320 CDI

    Was fitted to my car for 5 years performed flawlessly and car still averaged 34.5mpg and didnt smoke on acceleration like some According to the blurb adds 42hp and 31lbs ft Takes the hp to 237 and the torque to 377ft lb Really livens up the response and the 0-60 time and makes for more...
  2. skemball

    E320 CDi Anyone tried the Van Aaken smartbox Mod??

    Has anyone experience of trying the Van Aaken 'SmartBox' mod? At £470 with no money back if not satisfied option etc. Im not prepared to spend that kind of money. Their claims are: 42BHP increase and 24Lbft torque increase. They are very local to me and were not prepaered to do a before...
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