1. harleymlb

    E320 S211 Avantgarde for sale - Offers accepted

    Selling my S211 E320cdi. It is registered to me at my address from where i will be selling it from. Was on my private plate but now back on the original registration number, photo's show private plate! Traventine Beige Metallic 12 Months MOT 5 Months Tax 93k Miles Full Main Dealer MB History -...
  2. N

    Key not accepted - new esi needed?

    I HAVE HAD MY NEW 8 YR OLD C270 CDI FOR 3 WEEKS- LOVE IT, BUT....yesterday it would not accept the key: got in , put the key in , and no response, would not even turn to activate starter motor.:doh: It is an auto , left in 'Park' , so Green Flag flat bedded it on skates to John Haynes, Merc...
  3. T

    Just like Cornwall do you need to be dead before accepted into a community?

    I thought i'd do a write up of the jobs i'm doing on the 320cdi. Started the process n then found it imposible to insert a photo from my files. So, with the link it tries to offer thought I put them in an album on here, then copy n paste....But no chance, I can't:wallbash: Now may be its just...
  4. corned

    PLEASE post here if you have a MB warranty/goodwill claim ACCEPTED

    As I read this morning of yet another MB corrosion warranty claim refusal, I think it's time to try to look at the positive side of this part of MB's important customer relationship work. We have heard of (or been the direct victom of) MB's very robust stance (i.e. flat refusal) on claims for...
  5. P

    Memory upgrade Not being accepted by XP

    Hi, I have just installed a second 512meg chip in my laptop (Toshiba p20) the bios can see it but windoze doesn't :( If I run a CD bootable linux disk like Gentoo Live cd, it can see the memory anyone ever see this before. I ran a memtest program and I got no errors. so I am a bit...
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