1. M

    Things to make you go ahhh...

    This conveyance can often be spotted tethered outside a certain pre-prep school in Belgravia, waiting to bear its owner home after a hard day in the classroom...
  2. Godot

    Ahhh Blesss

    Mummys little soldier marching with the Guard outside Windsor Castle 3rUOJkWvOT8:thumb: Well done that Guardsman for "playing along" with that 2 year old.
  3. merc180k

    File Recovery - Ahhh!!!

    HELP!!! My hard drive (slave) packed in and has lost all the data on it (pictures of my son since he was a baby). Apparently the data was corrupt and windows was unable to read the partition. The only option left was to format the disk. I am now trying to recover the files and had...
  4. merc180k

    Front Suspension - Ahhh!

    Hi All, Just had a mate inspect the car after thinking that I had a warped front disc. His findings were surprising and a touch scary!! A snapped front coil spring (driver side) and it has left me thinking that this is going to hurt come replacement! Any ideas what is involved and how much...
  5. Sp!ke

    ahhh some real F1 cars...

    get your rose tinted specs on now... :) http://dailymotion.alice.it/video/x1ho6r_shell-ferrari-the-circuit
  6. se97mlm

    Ahhh, now i really found the kickdown switch- whoooosh roooaaarrr!

    hehe i finally found the "real" kickdown switch in my c240 tonight! :devil: thought i had got it before, but obviously not. That's damned addictive!!! :D Thing is with such a large pedal that is quite heavy it takes a good old shove! seems the smallest backing off reverts to the next...
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