1. grober

    Zut Alors!

    From a link on the ever reliable JALOPNIK a couple of film clips from Claude Lelouche' s Un Homme et Une Femme film's. For non "cineastes" Claude Lelouche made the famous C'était un rendez-vous in which someone is suppose to drive a Ferrari 275GTB across a deserted Paris...
  2. grober

    ZUT ALORS Pixar car trailer in French

    You will love this trailer for PIXARS "Cars" Its in French of course, but adds to its charm I think. Scroll down to Bande Annonce -haute/resolution Click the start arrow Et voila! :D I couldnt get the official USA pixar site to work-something to do with...
  3. grober

    Zut Alors w124 site

    Came across this w124 site recently. In french unfortunately but lots of images of w124s and publications. Worth a look for the pics alone . Now where did I put that French dictionary? Merde!! :eek: :eek:
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