1. Cooky

    Alright guys

    Just thought I would introduce myself Been driving S204 for about 18 months now Just found this forum as looking for some new toys and tips Car is a C220 Cdi running on a brabus D3S Looking forward to getting to know you all. Will post some pics when I get time. :) Cheers Cooky
  2. W

    W220 requires 0w-40 oil - Is it alright to top up with 5w-40?

    Hello all As the title suggests really, my 2004 S55k has always had Mobil 1 0w-40 engine in it when ever its been serviced, but recently the light has come asking to add 1.0 litre of oil. Iv checked via the dipstick and sure enough its at the bottom of the stick. Now iv got some "Total Quartz...
  3. ringway

    It'll Be Alright On The Night.

    I haven't seen this program for years. However, inspired by the current forum thread on petrol pricing, I thought I'd post this You Tube clip containing the Lewisham filling station owner. :D The clip is at 4.58 on the You Tube Player. pVOVKCYRSoc
  4. T

    Alright baby you wanna know how Mac C the pimp rides huh?

    Old video, but really funny. Maybe someone here hasn't seen it before :D "Sittin daytons baby, gold mofo daytons" C07CImALR0g
  5. Carrotchomper

    Alright, I know Honda make lawnmowers...

    And before anyone else says it I definitely need some larger alloys, but I'm quite pleased with the new motor. Goes pretty well too- Once you get used to the VTEC engine!
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