1. gaz_l

    Amsterdam hotel recommendation

    Greetings, Citizens. Looking at staying in Amsterdam for 2/3 days but will be arriving by car. No point trying to stay in the centre as obviously it's not car friendly and parking will be a PITA. Any recommendations for a half decent place to stay within a sensible tram/bus ride? Bland...
  2. DSM10000

    Amsterdam recomendations.

    We are off to Amsterdam for a break arriving early Friday morning and returning mid afternoon Sunday. Any recommendations for places for breakfast, lunch and dinner welcomed. Our hotel is in Zaandam but with fast and regular access o the centre. Also, any suggestions for places to visit...
  3. grober

    BMW i3 to Amsterdam

    AutoExpress takes a rather fraught i3 trip to Amsterdam. I think the operative phrase is :eek:Range Anxiety! :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]B0f0_hqWdTk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. Spinal

    Places to see on the way to Amsterdam

    I need some suggestions on places to see on the way to Amsterdam... thinking of making it a 2-3-day trip stopping in a few ale-monesteries or similar. Keep in mind that I'll be travelling with several "lads" (potentially in costume) - so things like the Menin gate may not be the most suitable...
  5. ringway

    In Amsterdam. The Repair Cafe.

    A great idea, and the sort of thing I'd like to do for a few hours a week when I retire - Fix things that others would normally throw away. Because many things are cheaper these days (esp electrical goods) a lot of people just replace instead of repairing. I'm guilty of this. Last week I...
  6. D

    Amsterdam Hotels

    Hey all, Thinking of beating the credit crunch and going to Amsterdam early May for a couple of days. Can anyone recommended a hotel? Cheers
  7. GRAV888

    Hello from Amsterdam

    We managed to connect straight into the hotels' phone system with no phone charges. :bannana: :bannana:
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