1. ringway

    Anagrams of forum members names #2.

    Following on from THIS thread, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with anagrams of our members names, again. Although I know quite a few of the members below, I don't know all of those listed but would like to think that nobody will take offence. :) Here we go. Camerafodder A Reformed Cad...
  2. ringway

    Anagrams Of Forum Members Names.

    Having looked at the recent threads relating to forum members names and tag lines I had a dabble with a few of the members names. No offence is intended by this thread, but some members do have interesting letter combinations in thier forum names, so... You may notice that there is no...
  3. Koolvin


    anyone make any cool words out of these numbers and letters? PVOAMGCDIBTKLSRUE, 421856039, /// I'll start: VAMPIRE KOOL MATT MARK
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