1. E

    Marula fruit

    African Animals Getting Drunk From Ripe Marula Fruit - YouTube
  2. ringway

    Super Smart Animals. BBC1 8.00pm.

    I don't watch much television these days, but this is a must-see programme. :cool: Super Smart Animals. LINK.
  3. T

    Hungry Animals eat minibus

    Well, just thought that I would share this with you all. ABS light come up on school mini bus while taking the kids to Basket ball tourno on Saturday, had look round, brakes felt ok, carried on with journey. Had a look at bus in the morning, found a pool of brake fluid on the floor at the rear...
  4. bigjim

    Talking Animals

    This made me laugh YouTube - Canal de klaatu42
  5. Palfrem

    Meat and milk from cloned animals

    BBC News - Cloned cow offspring meat in UK food chain, FSA says Anyone on here worried? I don't think I'd lose any sleep with this milk on my Cornflakes or a nice steak on my plate
  6. glojo

    For those of us that like animals

    I bet our young daughters will love this video
  7. R

    Sex pest, animals - even the BBC must be short of news

    See Richard
  8. Aletank

    Did animals have quake warning? Very interesting
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