1. gunning

    My slow journey back to the army.

    Bit of a weird one for me really as I'm not the kind of guy to talk about this very often. (Especially on a motoring forum) I see this as a way of tracking my progress and being able to look back see how far I've come. With hopefully some useful input from others as there's a lot of guys on here...
  2. Godot

    British Army Flashmob In Cardiff

  3. Godot

    M25 Cha Cha Slide (army style)

    ohuV_ff6tLc:eek: After a car crash on the M25, these Irish blokes do the cha cha slide and get joined by the boys in the armed forces !
  4. markjay

    Is the British Army getting rid of it Snatch Landys?

    Civilian Snatch Landy Spotted today outside a garage:
  5. robert.saunders

    Highways Agency says goodbye to 'yellow army' with new fleet of 438 winter vehicles

    In response to this thread, this may be of interest. Drivers will see a new style of winter treatment on England's motorways and major A roads from this Autumn, as the Highways Agency replaces its yellow 'gritters' and invests £45 million in a new fleet to tackle snow and ice. Pre-wet salt...
  6. gary350

    One for the Toon Army

    See following . gary
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