1. MD5

    Silver Arrows, MB World, 7th August

    I was bought an SL 63 driving experience for a birthday present last year, and I phoned up today to book it for tomorrow (it expired three days ago, but they give you two weeks grace). I was hoping for 1 or 2 o' clock drive time, and 2 was the earliest they had. It turns out that they are...
  2. Red C220

    Red Arrows Pilot killed in ground accident

    Pilot dies in Red Arrows jet incident - Yahoo! Looks like his ejector seat was triggered on the ground.
  3. grober

    Red arrows crash

    Sounds as if one of the red Arrows has crashed at the Bournemouth Air Display- no new on the pilot as yet.:(
  4. F

    500SLC Silver Arrows Racing - Crashed! Oh NO!

    Sorry for the cross post folks... pics are here.... • View topic - Silver Arrows Racing. Rallye de Wallonie CRASHED! Damn, it looks messy, I'm sure the boys will get it sorted though. I wonder if there is any video of the crash anywhere?
  5. BaldGuy

    A ride with the Silver Arrows!!!

    Took my son to Benz World today and we had a ride with one of the Arrows in a C63 with the performance pack... the car was totally mental and add to that the driver was awesome... He handled the car with ease and threw it around like a rag doll... huge amounts of smoke, standing starts and then...
  6. R

    Silver Arrows display at today's GTG

    Hopefully a video clip!

    Blackpool Air Display - Red Arrows

    Did anyone off here go, I did, here's some pics, fone cam I'm affriad as I didn't want to take the good camera and spend all my time taking pictures and then I don't get to enjoy the planes :p.
  8. stats007

    4 R129 Silver Arrows For Sale

    Number ? - This one was up for sale 18 months ago at the same dealer with 2k miles less for £30k. Number 7 Number 95 Number 100?
  9. Howard

    The Red Arrows

    Just was sent this :- The world-famous Red Arrows have been banned from appearing at the 2012 London Olympics because they are deemed "too British". Organisers of the event say that the Arrows military background might be "offensive" to other countries taking part in the Games. The...
  10. del320

    Silver Arrows SL500

    Remind me again, chaps - what's the going rate for one of these? This is just two miles away.
  11. Alfie

    Saw an A380 and the Red Arrows today!

    Peacfully sitting at home working (sort of) and what comes whistling over the house at an incredible rate of knots but the Red Arrows in formation banking hard to the left! Okay, I thought, quite impressive. Shortly afterwards the skies go dark and this behemouth comes quietly over. I look...
  12. stats007

    R129 SL500 Silver Arrows

    Three available! Silver Arrow 1 Silver Arrow 2 Silver Arrow 3
  13. Tan

    SL Silver Arrows I love these, and this is the cheapest that I have seen.
  14. Tan

    129 Series SL Silver Arrows

    Hi Does anyone know where i can find any pictures of / information about the SL500 Silver Arrows that was released last year? I am particularly interested in the chrome fins behind the front wheel arches. (I can't think of a better way to describe them :confused: ) Thanks Tan
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