1. M

    Anti-theft system (ATA) - C Class

    Does anyone know how to activate the interior motion sensor for the factory fitted anti-theft alarm system (ATA) on a C Class? The passenger window on my coupe was recently smashed, however the alarm failed to sound, and currently the light on the interior sensor button does not flash, only the...
  2. mercmanuk

    seagate barracuda ata hdd 400gb

    sorting my office out found this in retail box seagate barracuda ata hdd 7200rpm 8mb cache 3.5" £40 5 yr warranty,i registered it today
  3. M

    S ATA Hard drive & XP

    I have started to build a new PC for home and thought I'd buy a large hard drive - ended up buying a 250 GIG one - then realised it was a serial ATA that needed a pci card. I bought one & as a secondary drive it works fine s long as I have an IDE drive as drive 0 off the motherboard. I...
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