1. R

    Emergency Alert ATTN: Mercedes/Runonflat/Goodyear

    I ordered a 2016 S600 Maybach, it came with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Runonflat tires. Within approximately 9,000 miles on the tires, I had 3 tires where the belt came through the edge, see pictures. All 3 of the tires happened within a month of each other. It happened very...
  2. neilz

    Attn adile220

    adile220, Replies aren't allowed in the gallery forum and you haven't posted enough so I can't PM you yet. I think your colour is Pearl Blue. To modify your car for large wheels:
  3. developer

    Attn MisterAdam

    We can't post in the members gallery. Welcome to your great car :thumb:.
  4. Gaz74

    Attn MarkP80!!

    Hi, I'll buy the Chipex kit off of you, but due to my post count I can't reply to the for sale thread or send you a message. Hopefully you will see this!!
  5. andy_cyp

    Attn DANSLK

    Dan, Need your advice mate, could you please be kind enough to pm me your mobile number so i can call you if you dont mind. Thanks
  6. Koolvin

    ATTN: ALL guests

    Once the forums are moved over to a new host some boards will only be viewable if you are a registered member! so why not register now? it's free! oh we dont bite - Simon does a little bit but dont worry :P
  7. mike c200

    attn: v12

    We are waiting on the pics from your driving gloves <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'> Greetingz, mike
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