1. D

    Favourite Avatars

    OK, just a lil fun. (Can you tell I'm bored and off work???) Tell us which members Avatar you like/scares/funny etc. Mine is KillerHERTZ It scares me but can't stop looking at it. :crazy: Ant
  2. developer

    Avatars and signatures - useful/entertaining or a waste of space?

    I noticed while perusing today someone suggested how one might "preference" out signatures and the like when viewing posts, describing them as "guff" Are they guff? I put a photo and spec of my car that I assumed other MB enthusiasts might enjoy, however, I've seen a couple of signatures...
  3. D

    The Meanings Behind Members Avatars

    I have noticed some good & interesting avatars on here over time and wondered what the thinking was behind some. My avatar is obviously about the fascist repression of the working man, but let's not get into politics, it's meant to be a fun thread...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Sketch portraits for Avatars

    Another thread just reminded me that a while back a group of regulars adopted a Muppets character, and used them as their MBClub avatar. It got me thinking... Here's the idea: For a bit of fun, ask a friend or family member to sketch a portrait of you and upload it as your avatar...
  5. BaldGuy


    why is it that some gif files work on my avatar and some dont? some are static and some move....
  6. Ian B Walker


    Anyone up for a change in Avitar? like these maybee even has a Ladies section ;)
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