1. spinaltap

    Banbury: Opinions?

    After completing her post-graduate studies, my daughter is now permanently resident with a good job in Oxford (Associate Marketing Manager for Routledge). Ideally, I would move there too but for Oxford's high property prices compared to where I presently live (and for the type of home I'm...
  2. W

    alloy wheel repair - Coventry or Banbury

    Can anyone please recommend an alloy wheel repair workshop in either Coventry or Banbury? I'd ideally like someone very local to these cities to remove courier fees or travel time. Due to the level of corrosion the workshop will need to have facilities to fully dip and repaint the whole wheel...
  3. A

    Angel Tuning Remapping - Saturday 8th May or Saturday 5th June at Banbury thread started for all of those who cannot make 1st May for the ECU remapping. I have just spoken to Nigel at Angel Tuning who has confirmed these two dates are still available. His preferred location is Banbury again. Same rate as previous, i.e. A technician for the day =...
  4. carnut

    Service near Banbury

    Has anyone used Prestige Motor Company of Banbury ? If so what is your recommendation please?
  5. Sp!ke

    Banbury Massive

    Oh dear...
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