1. The _Don

    Millionaire's plan for mega basement hit by £825,000 affordable housing levy
  2. Tan

    Damp basement

    Hi I am in the processing of buying a new family home, the property is a victorian house and has a basement. The survey report has come back showing the basement walls and floor to be damp. I have very little experience of basements and this may be a daft question, but is it expected that...
  3. A

    "lambo" in the basement

    check this out for one amazing project
  4. hitt

    Barry's Bargain Basement Presents . .

    Bag a bargain at Barry's Bargain Basement . . Lower your pimped up ride on a budget! bidding begins at 99p . . Barry's Lowering Kit Will get you're RS Turbo look-a-like low down to the ground and special effect sparks are guaranteed as your exhaust scrapes on the many traffic calming...
  5. Surf Blau

    Various parts I found in my basement...

    Used Auto gearlever for W201/W124 NEW Auto gearlever for W201/W124 Used centreconsole for W201 - Euro edition. Speedometer, clock and instrument-cluster for W124 250D - sold separately or as one. Instrumentcluster for W116 - has been lying around for years. Uncertain as to...
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