1. brucemillar

    Drift Away - Gimme the Beach Boys.

    Sittingbourne driver branded 'dangerous idiot' for drifting sessions
  2. Tim203

    Murder at Woolacombe beach

    Well that's the BBQ sorted . Our 13 year old springer has still got it ! This Sh1te hawk certainly won't be getting your chips. Otto carried this for a good mile back along the beach from Putsborough to Woolacombe before he would let me have it. Very proud doggy. Mrs. 203 was as well!
  3. M

    Mercedes Cars at 2014 Pebble Beach

    The Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo Concept was also one of the biggest attractions of the concept lawn. 19 pictures in the gallery .
  4. Palfrem

    Is beach volleyball a genuine Olympic sport?

    Having seen a mention of this in a particular thread, I was just wondering what the panel's opinion is of this as an "Olympic sport" in its purest sense. ...and can anyone suggest a technical reason as to why the participants "kit" needs to be so brief? We don't see the female shot putters...
  5. Godot

    Mercedes Fashion Week Beach Bunny 2011

    Ahem.. from across the water vDAp-DiwjXo:thumb::p
  6. W

    Where to camp for a nice beach holiday in France

    Can anybody suggest a nice location for a camping with beach holiday in France. We prefer smaller camp sites, as long as they have a little play ground for the children, and would prefer a quieter resort. We'll be driving ourselves and taking our own camping equipment. Hoping for last two...
  7. M

    Random beach flying man

    Went down to the Gower yesterday to a lovely beach called Oxwich. Had a great day with the kids, grandkids and even the mother in law enjoyed herself. Anyway quite late on in the day we spotted this chap close to us After firing up this contraption he then ran down the beach and came...
  8. R

    Too close for a beach

    Wonder what the heathrow folks think about this airport at maho beach in the carribean
  9. gt-83

    my coupe on the beach!

    thought i would post a couple of pics of my coupe on the beach! fantastic beach in north wales, cars not that dirty considering it had done a thousand miles since it was washed
  10. gina2201

    At the beach

    Few pics from the weekend, at Seaton beach in Cornwall. Oh and my dog Monte ;) Like the way the sun lights up 'spots' on the sea (hard to see here though)
  11. Shude

    c-class at the beach

    Why should other models get all the sexy advertising and leave the poor c-class sat in the boring showroom? I took the new CLK Cabriolet launch pics from DC and swapped the CLK for a w202 c-class, mine in fact :) If anyone wants a 1024x768 bitmap of the pic I can provide (2 meg), or a 10%...
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