belt or chain

  1. merc180k

    Timing belt/chain change - is it due?

    Hi all, Been browsing through my service book for the car and am wondering when the timing belt (or is it a chain in these things?) needs changed. Car has done 72k (ish) and I can't see any sign of it having been done before. Always been MB serviced and is due another service in about 4k. I...
  2. D

    cam belt/chain?

    What does my C220cdi have to drive the camshaft - is it a belt or chain. And what are the service requirements and replacement intervals? Thanks, David
  3. Rich

    V8 timing belt/chain?

    Can someone tell me which it is, belt or chain? And how often do they need servicing? Btw is there a 'big' service on the E55 AMG other than the 'B' service? - Rich If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you
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