1. simonl

    who's bin a silly boy....... :D
  2. portzy

    Just bin' promoted!!!

    Just been called into my next but one boss' office. I've been 'acting up' into my soon to be retiring managers job and I have been told that his job is not going to be advertised, I am getting it by reward and default. Sorry, I just had to tell someone, I cant get through to home as the...
  3. culpano

    Wierd - flashing lights in passenger door storage bin

    I'm sure I've seen intermittent flashing lights coming from the passenger door oddments bin. :eek:
  4. GrahamC230K

    Whose been at the parts bin??

    I have just watched a TV programme on the "Motors" channel about Venturi cars. First thing I noticed on the Venturi 260LM (and a few others) was the Mercedes single wiper. . The car is made up of all sorts of parts from other mass produced cars, as the smaller sports car...
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