1. ChrisEdu

    Hospital bingo

    Decided to make a list of the current range of specialists I'm seeing; Eyes down for a full house: rheumatology; dermatology; haematology; gastroenterology; neurology; plastic surgery; psychiatry; a dietician; and a shoulder specialist. BINGO! Having been discharged from cardiology...
  2. D

    Anyone fancy a game of petrol station bingo?

    In the CL55 today; I did five mile in local traffic with that on the screen...:D
  3. portzy


    You saw my depressing goodbye SLK thread from a few weeks ago?. Talk about ''from the jaws of defeat''. Please, dont groan, stick with me again! Days after cancelling we get a letter from the Stan... Lif... endowment people saying Red Alert!!! - we get the hump - re-morgatge but with a...
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