1. 8

    just for us blokes !!!!

    *****NSFW***** :eek:If only merc did adds like this !!!!!:D Click here:
  2. pupsi

    Finch Motors in Brentford - Top blokes

    Been having a hard time with the SLS on the 500, so went to a guy i saw was recommended by Sp!ke, and what a great recommendation it was! Martin seems to be the chief of operations there and a very knowledgeable guy and definitely knows his stuff. Got my car lowered with a quick adjustment...
  3. E

    This blokes class!

    Quite funny to watch..:D
  4. C

    Sexist joke - may offend you blokes!

    How do you keep a man from reading your e-mail? Rename the mail folder 'instruction manuals'. I'm gonna do this. My hubby is always standing over my shoulder when I'm replying to e-mails - checking up on me I'm sure!
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