1. merc85

    30 Bloomin 6 lol

    Well as some of you know my wife made me a Volvo cake last year, As promised she made the Correct cake this year ;) Now working on that AMG cake for next year pmsl :rock:
  2. N

    ABC = Am Bloomin' Confused!!

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me out here? I have a sneaky suspicion my ABC is leaking a bit on my 2004 SL500, so have started to do some research into Strutmasters (USA) replacement kits. Now, they tell me they do the correct kit for my model of car and there is actually footage of it...
  3. developer

    Bloomin Good, This Airmatic

    No road, no problem :thumb:.
  4. Sp!ke

    Bloomin Parking Ticket

    Maybe Robert can share his wisdom on this one because as far as I am concerned I think I am being fleeced. I park at 17:24 in a pay and display car park. The cost to park is £1:20 per hour up to 18:30 at which point there is a flat £1 fee to park for the entire evening. So I pay £2.40...
  5. robert.saunders

    Bloomin' windy

    Kept me awake most of the night, gusts recorded up the road of 70mph! (according to met office) Also it brought our rickety old fence down :( which considering it's a) rickety and b) old is no surprise I suppose :rolleyes: I wonder how many 'quake-damaged chimney pots have now been...
  6. janner

    Bloomin' E-Bay

    I ordered something off e-bay and never received it so I left negative feedback. The swine has returned the favour! How do you add those little comments in reply to his negative? How do I exact my revenge? All £22.50s worth of it :rolleyes:
  7. Mozzer

    Bloomin strange...

    ...was on my way to a client jolly yesterday morning, travelling from home to Birmingham airport then flying to Edinburgh. Once there I was hiring a car, plugging my sat nav in and off to the venue. Woke up, went to the car, sat in, went to plug in the postcode of the hotel, only to find my...
  8. Koolvin

    Typical Insurance bloomin people....

    Got a letter this morning, The other insurers are disputing liability and now I have to write a little report and draw a sketch... They are also asking for any witness details.... all I had was a passenger... Looks like this is going to be a difficult claim because a lane change was...
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