1. P

    Tailgate badge replacement C202

    I thought it would be a simple job to replace the broken tailgate badge on my C240. Does it just lever off or do you have to remove (somehow) the interior cloth trim from the inside of the tailgate. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Stuart O

    C202 estate - diesel preferred

    any one know of a v good estate - looking to surprise my father with a wee xmas pressie if poss - ideally a 220 diesel bot not essential - must have good history etc, was thinking about 3-4 K would that be possible ?? located in Scotland but would travel for the right car - thanks Stuart
  3. BaldGuy

    Dash Lights C202

    For you guys with C's can you answer me a simple question..... Should my headlight adjuster and headlight switch, infact everything on the right of the steering wheel be lit at night???? As mine isn't, don't tell me its a bitch to change the bulb!!!
  4. BaldGuy

    C202 Drivers Window

    Well I've just gone to have my windows tinted and the guy told me that a scratch ( a good 8 inches long on the outside) that I have on my drivers window will be enhanced by the film if I go ahead... So my options are to get it replaced out of my own pocket or scratch it even more and get it...
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