1. T

    Camcorder+speed display

    Hi everyone, I am looking for car camcorder with speed display. Can anyone recommend me one? Thanks :)
  2. S

    Panasonic V500M Full HD Camcorder

    Hi, I bought this for my wife in December last year. We have used this maybe twice since purchase - is fully boxed with instructions. I paid £269 + Delivery for this and bought it from
  3. H

    Canon Legria HFS20 Camcorder

    brand new, boxed, unopened. great prosumer camcorder. specs here Canon LEGRIA HF S20 - LEGRIA HD Camcorders - Canon UK Looking for around £500 ono
  4. jaymanek

    Camcorder Help Please

    Hi People, I am looking at getting a sony camcorder and this one sticks out. HDR-XR160E (HDRXR160E) : Overview : Cameras & camcorders : Sony However its due out mid may and dont really want to wait that long. Then I came across this Sony HDRXR350VEB High Definition Handycam...
  5. M

    Budget camcorder with analogue audio inputs?

    I want to make some short video recordings for YouTube. Don't need HD or very high quality video quality. My problem is high SPL levels that overload the typically poor quality built-in mics that camcorders tend to have. Right now I have some very good analogue recording hardware and can tame...
  6. oldcro

    camcorder memory

    I am looking for a new HD camcorder and cannot decide which to go for. Any thoughts on ones with a hard disk or internal flash memory type, and wondered what the pros and cons of each are. I'm not really interested in tape or DVD recording types so have excluded those. If anyone with...
  7. splang

    For Sale: CANON DC100 DVD Digital Camcorder.

    Dear all, Selling my unused camcorder - brand new condition. Never taken out of box! Please see here: Canon DC100 DVD Digital Video Camera 25 optical on eBay (end time 29-Aug-09 01:03:04 BST)
  8. jonnyboy

    camcorder format advice?

    hi all under pressure due to an unexpected event, i need to replace our defunct mini DV Camcorder. Budget is £250 to £500 and I am no expert. Any thoughts on which format is now best? DV, DVD, Hard Drive, Card etc etc? Cheers
  9. X

    Download from camcorder. Help!

    I have a Mini DV camcorder and I want to download video to my computer...The camcorder has a dv fire wire connection but my computer does not. I could record the tape onto a DVD on the DVD player / recorder connected to my TV although I do not have a DVD player in my computer... What is the...
  10. chriswt

    Amazing HD camcorder bargain

    Yesterday I bought a new Panasonic HDC SD9 for £236 :eek: from Currys/PC World. The model is discontinued and is now listed as clearance stock at PC world and Currys. Most are display models but I believe that the Hayes store as a brand new boxed one. I think there are about 5 or 6 left for...
  11. E

    Which Camcorder?

    My sister called me today and wants to buy a camcorder to capture those priceless moments with her new baby daughter:bannana: her budget is around £500 Any recommendations folks?:confused:
  12. Ade B

    Camcorder questions

    Our first baby is due in a couple of weeks and having acquired (hopefully) all the essentials, I'm now looking at other none essential bits and bobs.. Anyone any thoughts on camcorders - not too fussed about price (it seems most are under £1k for none pro kit), would prefer something that fits...
  13. mark.t

    Dvd Camcorder Help

    hi all bought a DVD camcorder ... and want to capture DVD stills to create pictures .. so I can print them off ...or maybe have developed ...are there any tips tricks ,or software that will allow me to do this ..... also what is the difference when the camcorder ask which format you want the...
  14. Satch

    New camcorder needed

    The trusty old Hi8 has died. Beyond economic repair and off to the electronics graveyard that is my loft. So I need a new one PDQ. Now this will be for general family use, has to be idiot proof so not going for anything too grand, say up to about £600ish. Also tending to the small side but...
  15. Maff

    Camcorder car mount ?

    Just wondered if any knows where I can buy one of these mounts that would allow me to hold the camera steady inside the car? Or even better if anyone around the Berkshire/London area would have one that I could borrow next weekend? :p The cars being upgraded to ~700bhp Tuesday and i'll...
  16. Maff

    Which camcorder to buy?

    Hi Guys, Hoping for some help here. I no nothing about video/cam corders but would like to get one, mainly for this weekends drag racing. I wont be using it very much (maybe once every three months!) so I dont want a very pricey one, as it will be waisted. All I really want is the...
  17. GrahamC230K

    W211 with Camcorder - was it you?

    Was it you Brian? If not you have a twin! Anyone else here? Spotted Today: A41 near Aylesbury, Tealite Metallic Blue W211 E-Class Avantgarde, with a suction mounted camcorder facing out the rear window!
  18. Mozzer

    Help I need a camcorder !!!

    Ok need your advice again :rolleyes: As an attempt to keep costs down at the wedding, I have employed the son of a mate of mine to video the event - don't worry I have a professional doing the proper photography, but just want someone roving around. So I need to buy / hire / steal /...
  19. uumode

    Blimey incar camcorder! (bottom) I thought it was for catching people cutting you up! Or for people jumping roundabouts :D Amazing..
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