1. horgantrevor

    one of the nices mclaren mercedes campers i have seen

    looks really nice and great finish a bit costly but what more would you want MCLAREN SHADOW Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome | eBay
  2. BIG Sean

    Any campers???

    Looking at going camping[proper tent camping] for four nights sometime this weekend/next week. Can anyone recommend a good site? MUST have a toilet/shower block but other than that and being as cheap as possible[don't need anything other than a piece of reasonably flat grass and begrudge...
  3. GrahamC230K

    OT: Hello Campers - Water Jerry Cans for Sale

    Another off topic sale, but I NEED money! 2 x 35 Litre Water Cannisters They're on EBAY, but I am happy to negotiate privatley if anyone is interested. I note we have a few campers/caravaners on...
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