1. jonnymerc

    Apple ipad pro 9.7 gold 32GB apple keyboard and apple cases

    Selling ipad pro 9.7 32GB gold very good condition with original apple keyboard £130 and 2 original apple cases £ 80 it's 12 months old there is a tiny mark on the edge of the ipad apart from that perfect It's my son's he is looking for £520 ono it's also on ebay aswell Any questions call...
  2. G

    FREE - 80mm & Credit Card sized CD/DVD Jewel Cases

    I have a few new and unused 80mm & credit card sized CD/DVD jewel cases - free to a forum member, just need to pay the postage - £2.85 for a small parcel. There are eight 80mm cases, and seven CC-sized ones: Please PM or email me for further details, etc.
  3. R

    samsung galaxy s3 cases

    Got two cases for sale to fit samsung galaxy s3 both cases are new in there packaging. 1- contour design carbon fibre case clips over the back of the phone £10 delivered retail price is £19.99 2- genuine samsung flip front case in blue replaces back cover £10 delivered retail price is...
  4. S

    Ikea cabinets and display cases (BESTA range)

    I have the following set for sale which is part of the BESTA range from Ikea. They are all matching and in black-brown and are the deep storage units with adjustable legs. I used the tall cabinets as display cabinets for 1/12 and 1/18 scale cars (the wife did not like that!) and the dust...
  5. T

    Iphone 4 or 4S Vapor cases.

    Got two of these that ill never use, and prob should have never bought! I did some usual impulse buying on a quick work trip over to the US of A. These are pretty rare over here and are quite a new model from Element Case. 3 of the sides are CNC machined alloy, and one side is plastic, albeit...
  6. R

    Montblanc pens and cases

    I'm continuing with a streamlining of my Montblanc collection, as it has grown out of control :crazy: and have a few Montblanc items for sale, in addition to keyrings advertised earlier: ( )...
  7. S

    2 x Ikea Detolf cases

    We have two immaculate Detolf glass cabinets in black/brown. They come with the optional internal spotlights and look brilliant as a display piece. I have used them store the many Mercedes models, which of course has driven my wife mad. They are these ones: IKEA | Dining storage | Display...
  8. partsspecialist

    MB Key Cases

    Hi all, Ive just been given permission to sell key cases! These are the cases of the keys that've been ordered and not collected. minus PCB. This is an offer only for forum members at the moment. Well, the ones brave enough to follow the How-to on here. 'Regular' 3 button key case with chrome...
  9. G

    Turntable flight cases

    For the DJ's amongst you... PM me if you have any questions
  10. Koolvin

    Fosters Export - 9 cases of Beer - Bacardi

    I have 9 24pk cases (cans) of Fosters Export... surplus to requirments (after sisters wedding) I also have 5 bacardi bottles - the seal is broken on them but they are full unused bottles offers? oh I also have many boxes of Wine red, white and also sparkling....
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