1. I

    New E Class commercial filming causes traffic chaos in Florida

    Video included: Filming on Sanibel Causeway snarls traffic - WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida Will have to look out for the commercial when it's finished...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Real Life Austin Powers Causes Traffic Chaos

    GxomW9x1eq0 Napoli, il video dell'automobilista incastrato a Cardito spopola sul web - YouTube
  3. markjay

    Chaos in Australia as pensioner drives wrong way on motorway

    Chaos As Pensioner Drives Wrong Way On Motorway
  4. Harrythedog

    Any of you London boys affected by the Olympic traffic chaos

    Is the traffic as bad as it is been portrayed on the news or is there a touch of journalistic bull involved?
  5. S

    Potential traffic chaos

    M4 closed in London after crack appears in viaduct | UK news | Can't say I am shedding a tear that the Olympics may be hindered by this. :ban:
  6. st13phil

    DVLA’s SORN shambles: legally unenforceable and administrative chaos

    At least, according to an article in The Register. I particularly liked one of the posted comments Yet according to the DVLA they never get it wrong, and it's all your fault :rolleyes: Fortunately, it seems that at least some courts have woken up to the bluff and bluster from DVLA though.
  7. D

    Brown causes chaos by insisting on car tax rise

    Bad news. .........."The Treasury needed the money that would be raised from the increases in duty. " :devil:
  8. st13phil

    From chaos and disorder to calm and serenity...

    ...courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. I'll explain. This week I've been working in the Czech republic. BA flight from Heathrow on Monday managed to be an hour late leaving and 45 mins late arriving. Not too bad from a business perspective because it just messed up my evening :rolleyes: One of the...
  9. Shude

    Postal Chaos

    Don't forget to watch Dispatches tonight on Channel 4, 9pm; it's all about the Royal Mail! Meanwhile the postman delivered at bang-on noon today, and then delivered again at 13:30 with what looks like 2 or 3 days worth of mail! Makes up for getting none yesterday I suppose!
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