1. munchausen

    childs booster seat ?

    looking at a 99 vito petrol van. it has the row of 3 seats in rear. was wondering if a childs 'booster"seat could be fitted front or rear for my 4 YO grandson ? thanks. M.
  2. D

    Posh Childs car seat

    I've been looking around for a cool booster seat for my 7- year old daughter. Her Princess Disney one is a bit too pink for her now. I am only looking for the lower part not the back rest. There doesn't seem to be anything interesting on the market. I am thinking about taking it to the...
  3. Tan

    Mercedes Childs Seat With Airbag Recognition

    Mercedes Childs Seat With Airbag Recognition on eBay (end time 29-Jan-11 13:40:59 GMT)
  4. A

    Leather Childs Seat

    May be of interest to someone: MERCEDES BENZ LEATHER CHILD SEAT WITH TRANSPONDER on eBay (end time 29-Nov-09 18:08:19 GMT) Andy
  5. Sp!ke

    FS: Childs Car Bed

    Before I stick it on Ebay, I thought I'd ask if anyone here wants it. Childs Car bed 'Snooze and Cruise' retails at £150. Ideal as childs first bed, suitable up to aged 5 or so. Absolutely as new condition £50
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