1. P

    Brabus D6S 350 CDI Performance Chipset for sl

    Hi I have recently changed my car from a C 350 CDI Estate 2012 to a E Coupe 350 CDI. Before part exchanging the C Class with MB dealer they removed the Brabus D6S which I now have for sale. The attached photos hopefully provide all the technical details and I would advise emailing Nils Jacoby...
  2. Madferrit

    SiRF GPS Chipset

    I've got the TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver in one car.. working with a PDA and now have an option of getting a Holux GPS cradle to work with my XDA2 phone. However on closer inspection the two SiRF chipsets are different types. I wonder if anyone has any experience of comparing the functionality...
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