1. S

    Touring: Glen Coe, Loch Lagan and a feast in Aviemore

    Yesterday I drove up to Aviemore to see my mate and his new Mrs for dinner. The shed is just back from having her alignment down, new bushings fitted and camber bolts. She is now on 4x new Continental sport contact 3 MO tyres and whilst they still need a bit more time to scrub in, I can post...
  2. S

    Touring: Mull of Kintyre, Appin coast and Glen Coe

    Well, its good to be back on familiar turf and still off work for another week I decided a good old grand tour was needed to commemorate the sunshine...or so I thought. I aimed the shed up Loch Lomond, and wafted up on the NSL and stopped at Arrochar. I got up at 7am so was touring nice and...
  3. pammy

    Holiday cottage/lodge near Ben Nevis/Glen Coe

    Darling hubs has decided it would be nice to "walk" up Ben Nevis - anytime from now to January/February :crazy: So we're prob going for a long weekend - and will also prob take the pooches and the hormonal mini person and midget boy - so Edna gets to stay at home :( . I've found some places...
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