1. RobertoMercini

    Interesting conversation re warranty work

    Had a coolant leak last year on my e250 repaired under warranty. Less than 6 months later and 'coolant low' warning comes on. Spoke to local MB dealership who tried to say you can't have warranty on a warranty, in other words whilst the work may be carried out FOC under warranty, once that...
  2. merc_w202

    A Conversation at sea...

    I thought this was rather amusing, so thought I'd share... A Conversation at Sea - YouTube Mods please embed this video if possible !?
  3. jpskiller

    funny email conversation

    made me laugh "It's like twitter. Except we charge people to use it."
  4. H

    Overheard conversation....

    In the cue at the bank yesterday, there was a chap a few places in front of me. Couple of mobiles in his hand, lots of gold bling, leather jacket, cheap shoes, greasy hair. One of his phones errupts into deafening action, and on eventually answering, the conversation begins. During said...
  5. S

    pub conversation

    in the pub the other night a friend was discussing his next car..... he's spending around 10k and his options are c220 cdi class - 53 plate x type 2l diesel on a 55 plate 3 series bmw - a diesel but as yet has not seen one he was doing a spot of test driving at the weekend - so dunno...
  6. A

    Overheard conversation at the corner shop

    goes something like this..................................... Customer: Worcester sauce crisps please Shopkeeper: Sorry can't, it's off the shelves, cancer scare. Customer: Oh right, Chinese Chicken Wings? Shopkeeper: Ah that's the same , Cancer scare Customer: Hamburger...
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