1. Peter DLM

    AMG Pit Crew

    Did anyone else get the AMG "Pit Crew" thing in the post recently? Seems fairly handy, not sure if I'd use it, hope it's entirely free :thumb:
  2. W

    Vito Crew cab on Dover - Calais Ferry

    Hi All Thinking about buying a nearly new, new generation Vito Crew Cab/sport compact similar to the old model Dualiner as a family wagon. We do a lot of trips to Europe and I wonder what category owners are booking their Vito under when travelling on cross channel ferries? P&O have a...
  3. U

    Vito Sport 119 crew cab compact

    Hi Looking at purchasing the above, with a few extras inc the light package, anyone purchased similar and happy to let me know what i should be looking at paying?
  4. csx355

    Just Pressed the Button on a new Vito Sport 119 Crew

    Been a while since I have been in 'New Van Mode' - waiting for the 2015 Vito crew bus (old Dualiner) then had to wait till they launched the Sport model. 1st production run in October - mine is now in the system 7speed auto box in Indium grey - with options - cant wait!!
  5. P

    Tyres for a Sprinter 416CDI 4X4 LWB HR Crew Van

    I own a Sprinter 416CDI 4X4 LWB HR Crew Van which has 5" x 15" rims currently shod with 195/70 rubber (twin wheels on the rear). I want a higher profile tyre & want to know what tyre I can use? I need to consider: 1. The tallest tyre possible to give good ground clearance & slightly...
  6. markjay

    Last Enola Gay crew member dies at 93
  7. J

    E55 amg day at msl with acid and the crew

    Took the e55 to acid yesterday for a new suspension pump and to get Imran to molest my exhaust! Bumped in to alps whilst there :) was a good day, driving in the Chevy was fun although all I did was laugh the entire time! Ended up sounding like this though E55 amg exhaust - YouTube...
  8. verytalldave

    Huge bear interupts film crew

    Bear Does Laundry : Samsung Washing Machine Commercial - Adpressive - YouTube
  9. E

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot - YouTube
  10. A160DSB

    Crew Night Out Ideas....

    As some of you know, im a manager at a well known fast food franchise, and its come to the time of the yr, where I need to organise a crew event. Last time they went bowling, and turn out was pretty shocking!! .... I havent got a price limit yet, but it has to be pretty reasonable per...
  11. M

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit EA Crew Edition

    Hi everyone, This is an opportunity to purchase a collectors PC game. These EA CREW edition games were made in very limited numbers for EA employees only. They come in a limited sleeve, with a special message from the EA CEO inside. The game cover and disc print is also custom. The...
  12. scotth_uk

    With sadness, I am (temporarily) leaving the crew..... :-(

    Hi Guys, I've been offered a deal that I cannot refuse through Skyfleet in Kent for a Mazda MX-5 1.8 convertible on 12 month personal contract hire. Unfortunately this means that the 190e 2.6 has to go - and soon! New car arrives in less than 4 weeks. I shall be back again with another...
  13. Y

    crew engines

    hi all, i have been talking to crew engines (thanks dave) about rebuilding my diesel engine, they seem to be very professional. but has anyone here been a customer and if so how do  you rate them ,good/bad /whatever please tell.. its a lot of money i will be spending and i would like some...
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