1. ringway

    Happy Birthday Developer.

    Happy Birthday, John. :thumb:
  2. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Developer!

    Happy Birthday, John. Have a good day :thumb:
  3. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Developer

    Many happy returns John, hope you have a great day!! :thumb:
  4. The _Don

    Developer John i have found your E63 replacement -
  5. L

    Anyone have the star diagnistic tool Developer mode?

    I am having trouble fixing my srs light fault, the car was involved in an accident and airbags replaced along with the airbag module prior to me purchasing the car. The module vin does not correspond to my car. I have been advised anyone with the star diagnostic tool can change the airbag module...
  6. John

    One for Developer.

    So I am driving along in a start / stop jam on the motorway and spot an E class estate in black down the queue a bit and I think the usual "it's a hearse" due to John's form on owning them. :D I could see something written on it but it wasn't until I got close that I spotted what it was. :D:D:D
  7. SPX

    Happy birthday Developer

    Happy birthday John. :thumb:
  8. Danny DeVito

    A question for you Developer

    If you want to put a doorway in a gable wall, is it safe to just knock a hole in it ? Do you put two single cills or a wide cill ? Standard door size. ?? :dk:
  9. R

    Happy Birthday Developer 215

    ...many happy returns John.
  10. jaymanek

    Good Website Developer?

    Hi All, I have some ideas for a new Mercland website and I need a good web designer... The current website is not even a few months old and is OK but limited as its made by a large company who make a lot of websites...and I want a lot more flexibility. I am not interested in giving...
  11. K

    Star Diagnosis System with Developer Mode

    Hi, Does anyone know where can I find the services of Star Diagnosis System with Developer Mode in Malaysia. The Mercedes Dealer tells me that they are not authorised to have the Star Diagnosis System with Developer Mode in Malaysia. I have replaced my Audio 20CD with the NTG 2.5...
  12. Gollom

    Urgent help needed from a software developer type

    Anybody willing to pen a few lines or even have a conversation with me? I'm still job hunting and an opportunity has come up for a Application Software Product Manager. The agency has asked me to put together a letter by 2pm today outlining why I would be good in the role Problem is that...
  13. P

    DAS non-expiry trick & DAS developer mode

    How to trigger DAS star diagnosis not to expire when a version becomes old? Also can enable developer mode or do I need a special version of DAS?
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