1. Satch

    Dixons to stop selling 35mm cameras

    Inevitable I suppose. "High Street retailer Dixons, which started by selling 35mm cameras, is to stop stocking the items because of the popularity of digital cameras. The company has said it will not be stocking any more after the current stock of the film cameras runs out. Marketing...
  2. Alfie

    £35 off dixons on-line

    Following on from an earlier thread regarding Tom Tom Go sat Nav units, Dixons appear to be offering £35 off again! Shame they have run out of Tom Tom's. Check out the link below, on the right it tells you about the dixons35 promotional code. http://www.shop4camcorders.co.uk/
  3. Flyer

    OT: Similar supplier to Dixons in Oz?

    G'day ;) Probably one for our Ozzie members - I want to buy a hi-fi system for my daughter in Perth, WA. Any recommendations for where to get one from? Clearly, I need to order over the internet, so an address would be helpful :) . I've checked **** Smith, but wanted to check others...
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