dvd or sat

  1. CLK2014

    Any DVD/Sat nav in car recommendations???

    Hi all I am looking for a nice DVD/Sat nav in car system for my w209. I have seen a few cool ones. A couple that run on android which I am liking but from these companies from abroad. I don't want any cheap knock offs that won't last a year, but I do not want to spend too much. Does any one...
  2. M

    For Sale: Pioneer AVIC-X1 DVD/Sat Nav - Unused

    Since I've ordered a brand new revised edition CLK 280 Coupe (collection from Bremen in July) I no longer need this Pioneer AVIC-X1 . The system was purchased, but never installed. It is still boxed, with all manuals and cables. All the protective blue plastic bits and pieces are still...
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