1. C

    Does anyone have a dyno dynamics rr printout for c63 amg?

    Preferably with only a remap, no other mods ;)
  2. L

    Fitting a Parking Dynamics reversing sensor to a Vito W639

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of fitting a Parking Dynamics reversing sensor to a Mercedes Vito W639. Looking at fitting them front and rear. Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. Alex

    Team Dynamics Lightweight Alloy Wheels

    Anybody knows anything about Team Dynamics alloy wheels range? In particular Pro Race 1.2. They seem very reasonably priced @ £179/ea and weigh only 9kg. I know they are manufactured by Rimstock in the UK but are they any good? Wheel Range
  4. sportedition

    Parking Dynamics PD1 Invisible Parking Sensor Kit

    I bought this to fit to the inner rear bumper of my A Class as I didn't like the idea of having to drill the bumper. I have since sold the car and never got around to fitting. Same as here Universal Parking Sensor | No Holes | Front & Rear Reverse Parking Sensors Can provide a photo is...
  5. Snatchmonkey

    W211 270 CDi Elegance Dynamics

    Hello all, I have an 03 W211 270 Cdi Estate and I would appreciate a little advice from the big brains on this forums. I have noticed that on the straights and on the motorways this car is relatively sublime, great in soaking up the majority of road bumps and imperfections. On the twisty bits...
  6. M

    For Sale:16" Team Dynamics Qualifiers.

    4 Brand new alloys,NO Tyres,5X112 PCD-ET45,possibly fit A-Class & Vito?,but please check first,i did'nt so thats why the're for sale!!.Will include 16 new bolts,4 new locking bolts,new silver centers and 4 new steel valves.All yours for £260(No offers).Will deliver local(Birmingham/oldbury M5...
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