1. I

    Handsome 500E on Ebay.de

    Mercedes Benz 500E W124 *Original 74,000km - Scheckheftgepflegt* | eBay
  2. Screwdriver

    Ebay.de - Beautiful W123/ W126 Leather Steering Wheel

    Lenkrad Mercedes Leder schwarz W 107 123 124 126 original | eBay
  3. jamesfuller

    Ebay.de W126

    Some curiosities... Manual wind windows in this one! Mercedes Benz W126 280SE S-Klasse in in Mühltal | eBay Quite like the look of this Mercedes-Benz 300 SD Turbo-Diesel W126 in in Gnarrenburg | eBay Look at these! MERCEDES GARDINEN W126 SE SEL 500 300 420 280 560 | eBay :D:D:D:D
  4. C

    W126 LHD wiper linkage

    :wallbash:Pontoneer recommended that I look on ebay.de to see if there was a complete windscreen wiper linkage on there for my W126 300SE LHD. I was pleased to see that there is one on there which was removed from the same model and the same year. I attempted to order it. Armed with a...
  5. Barbanasos

    Lorinser kompressor kit on ebay.de

    Does this seem complete? That price seems low for that kind of kit. LORINSER KOMPRESSOR KIT MERCEDES CLK*E55*W220*W210*AMG bei eBay.de: Chiptuning Motortuning (endet 11.04.10 22:56:04 MESZ)
  6. karozza


    Just thought I'd ask; how do you guys understand it, it's all in German? I've heard of some really good deals on ebay.de but when I have a look I can't understand a freakin thing :(
  7. M

    W124 Brabus Springs on ebay.de

  8. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Sport DTM Edition kick plates (eBay.de)

    Gutted, these are so so rare, W202 DTM Sport edition kick plates. They would go so well with my side badges, but he will not post to the UK or accept PayPal: LINK
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Opinions on this C43 back box on eBay.de

    I have just found a C43 rear box on German eBay and its going for cheap. The trouble is, the tips appear to have been snapped off and require welding on. judging by the picture is it as simple as that or should I be more wary? I am already in discussions with the seller at the mo...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    [eBay.de] AMG centre caps

    Not a fan myself, but wasnt someone after these not long ago? HERE
  11. abbos

    Buying parts off of ebay.de good idea?

    Hey there guys, My C180 is in need of some tlc. I looked on ebay inthe uk and didn't find much so then i looked onthe german version. I found Avantgarde grills for silly prices, mirrors etc. Should I go down this route and get them sent to the uk or should I steer clear and try to buy from...
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