1. C43AMG

    Edit "About Me"

    Having trouble editing my signature and other details ??
  2. wu56Shoozz

    "Edit" button??

    Just curious. why is there not an edit button when starting or posting on here.. I have a post on "Interiors" that I'd like to change and not look "Stoopid" :doh: Anyone? :dk:
  3. stwat

    Unable to edit pictures in photobucket

    Is anyone else having problems with photobucket? I'm unable to edit pictures. it goes to the edit page but the picture doesn't appear and none of the edit icons can be clicked.
  4. R

    How do I edit my advert ??

    I want to change the price in the ad header, how do I do that ?? I can't find an edit tab. Cheers Sean
  5. M

    edit profile

    Been trying to edit my profile but for some reason it brings up someone else's profile with a similar name any ideas? ?
  6. S

    How to edit a post?

    Ok,so I am not the most computer literate - how do I edit one of my posts once it has been posted? Specifically I need to remove my email address that I posted for another user as I don't have enough posts for pm yet(must try harder). Thanks very much.
  7. E

    Lowepro Camera Bag Edit 100

    I have one of these for sale, brand new. The pic is of the camcorder version, which is a little larger but basically the same design. £15 and will post for free. Send a PM if interested.
  8. N

    Can't see 'Edit', 'Quote' etc in Firefox.

    I use Firefox & have for years with no problems. Since the forum upgrade I am unable to see 'Edit', 'Quote' etc & the great majority of photos on the site. I can see all of this stuff when I use IE. Any ideas as to what's up & how to resolve this while still being able to use Firefox? TIA.
  9. chriswt

    4x4 drivers...arrrrrh [edit- some 4x4 owners]

    Right, after todays drive to work I have to get this off my chest. If anyone knows Barnet/Cockfosters/Cuffley area you’ll know that the stereotypical 4x4 owner (female, yummy mummy :devil: , rich etc etc) lives here. This morning I was taking my normal route to work which at one point...
  10. sparkyspost

    Wikipedia revises its 'anyone can edit' policy

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