1. Chrishazle

    16" MB Elnath Rims For Sale - Need Refurb.

    I will shortly have a spare set of 16" Elnath rims - 7J ET37 from a 2001 W203 C270CDi Elegance. They need full refurbishment as the first owner of my car must have frequently parked acousticly - they are kerbed but refurbishable by a reputable company like Lepsons. If you go to Mercedes alloy...
  2. High-Lo

    New Elnath Alloys fitted at last!

    Hi all, After picking up my new Elnath alloys from A-AvantGarde nearly a month ago I finally found enough time to fit my wheels late yesterday. Pics taken earlier today. Before (with 15" ET37 Avantgarde alloys) After (with 7Jx16 ET37 Elnath Alloys) Close up...
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