1. L

    elusive misfire sl320

    Hello all, I have a 1998 V6 SL320, which suddenly drops to firing on what feels like three cylinders only. Cutting the engine off, then restarting immediately, always cures the problem. The problem usually, but not always, occurs after a run of 200 km or more, but after the first occurrence...
  2. clk208

    A very elusive CLS

    I've had a passing interest in acquiring a used CLS for the past couple of months and spotted something that ticked most of my boxes at a Mercedes main dealer around 20 miles from home that was very reasonably priced - in fact cheaper than all private sales/small dealers and had a low mileage...
  3. S

    Sprinter 310D Elusive fault

    I have a 97 ex Transco 310D (120k Miles),which has an intermittent fault.It has been to an auto electrician,Merc commercial specialists and also an ex Merc master tech diagnostician with no success. The van will suddenly decelerate on it's own,as if the throttle has been released,but more...
  4. M

    190-e Ever elusive EGR Valve

    I have a gasoline power 1988 190-e 2.6...... Where is the EGR valve? Yes i know its under the hood. I cannot see any plumming coming off the exhaust manifolds please help....
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